Your Career in Parking: Knowledge, Networks, Advancement


Your Career in Parking: Knowledge, Networks, Advancement

“Lightning rarely strikes. Instead, achievement is often the result of stepwise progress, of doing something increasingly difficult until you get the result you seek.”
    ‑- Seth Godin, best-selling author and marketing guru

The United States is the world’s fastest-growing population for an industrialized nation – up 9.7% since 2000. The parking industry is an $18 billion industry with more than 143,000 employees.
In a country where 220 million adults average an hour and a half a day in their cars, the future looks bright for those professionals who have chosen the parking industry as their career path.
What are employers looking for in 2013?
According to, the following are some key employer expectations in terms of skills that will determine hiring in 2013. It also lists key factors that will influence an employer’s or recruiter’s decision when closing a hire this year, along with talent acquisition strategies that companies are likely to follow.
Hiring experts say these skills will be in demand in 2013:
    •    Niche skill expertise.
    •    Flexibility.
    •    Innovative thinking.
    •    Fitting into the organization’s existing culture.
    •    Personal branding.
While you make efforts to get selected by choice employers, companies too are looking to attract key talent. Here are four focus areas for organizations in 2013:
Employer branding will be a prime area of focus as companies try to showcase themselves as great workplaces.
Learning and development avenues for employees will
be created.
Companies will work toward strengthening retention and reward management policies.
Organizations will look to arm themselves with social media and technology for both branding and hiring purposes.

For parking professionals in 2013, it’s not whom you know, it’s who knows you.
One of the most valuable resources to raise your personal profile and expand your network is LinkedIn, which says it’s “the world’s largest professional network.” Here are three tips to make the most of this tool:
    •    Join the National Parking Association’s LinkedIn group to             meet other parking pros, learn best practices and find out             where the jobs are.
    •    Send invitations to expand your network.
    •    Add skills and get endorsed.
    •    In 2013, commit to doing at least three things for yourself             and your career. Here are some specific tips to get you well         on your way to career advancement:
    •    Become a CPP through NPA’s Certified Parking Professional             program.
    •    Prepare three solid references; have them ready for job             interviews.
    •    Join a team, show teamwork.
    •    Acquire an industry accomplishment.
    •    Build nine trusted peer network contacts.
    •    Find a career mentor.
    •    Find three technology advisors.
    •    Ask yourself: Whom can I call on for advice? Cultivate those         relationships.
Do you have these skills?
The Wall Street Journal says the four “must-have” job skills for 2013 are:
Communicate clearly.
Build your personal brand.
Be flexible.
Improve your productivity.

In parking, success comes to those who know how to showcase their skills, prove they are a trusted leader, and demonstrate industry involvement. Employers are looking for parking professionals who can balance people and technology, build peer networks and functional teams, advance automation, and focus on growing revenue and reducing costs.
Whatever your career plans in 2013, joining the National Parking Association can play a key role in making the professional industry contacts you need to succeed. For more information or to join, go to

Contact NPA President Christine Banning, CAE, at Next month, she will present a session on advancing your career in parking at the PT-sponsored 2013 Parking Industry Exhibition (PIE). For more information, go to


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