World Ends – Someone Agrees with PT Editor

December, 2011

Editor, Parking Today:
I read your article on San Francisco (“Point of View: ‘Baghdad by the Bay,’ EVs and Charging Stations,” October 2011), and I thought you were too kind to the people who run that city and who live there.
It has to be a city which every nut job and kook in the U.S. has gravitated to.
I was a naval officer on active duty stationed in San Francisco during the Korean War. That was 1950-1952. I was born and bred in Brooklyn, NY, but my time in Frisco convinced me that I was in the greatest city in the world. I even contemplated settling there after I returned to civilian life. What a mistake that would have been.
The latest fiasco that the lunatics who live in that city tried to perpetrate was to forbid circumcisions. Apparently idiotic ideas such as this one are all they have to do with their taxpayers’ money.
Actually, it would be beneficial to the U.S. if California would secede and form its own crazy country.
Leonard J. Weiss
Sylvan Parking Co.
New York, NY