Laz Parking Opens National ‘Customer Care’ Center

May, 2013

Laz Parking has announced the opening of a national customer care center geared exclusively to providing 24/7 assistance to parkers across the country.

Initially, the company will offer remote operational assistance to Laz parkers through its state-of-the-art support center at its home office in Hartford, CT. From the centralized command facility, the program will utilize a variety of real-time communication technology, such as audio, streaming video and remote gate control systems, via analog, digital and hi-speed Internet access.

“The establishment of our national customer care center serves to further [our] mission of making parking an excellent experience for our patrons,” said Alan Lazowski, Chairman and CEO.

“This technology-driven program will enable parkers to speak directly with our skilled customer care parking professionals to resolve problems, process transactions, trouble-shoot equipment malfunctions, and address safety issues at all hours of the day or night,” Lazowski said. “With our innovative approach ... we are projecting strong growth for the customer care center.”

[Source: Laz Parking]