Letters to Editor

August, 2014

I just wanted to express my thanks for the June 2014 Women In Parking (WIP) special issue of your magazine. I came across it by accident, having seen it on a colleague’s desk, and read it cover to cover.

The magazine was jam-packed with content, opinion, technology, and even an unusual story, by “Shirley Manning,” about a kidnapping. (Which, by the

way, I read all the way through, thinking there might be a twist in the story involving a parking meter or some loose change, but to no avail.)

Immediately, I went on the PT website to subscribe [www.parkingtoday.com/subscribe.php] and can’t wait for the next issue. And if any man dare submit an article to the next [WIP special] issue, he has a lot to live up to!

Thanks, and well done.

Paul Byrne, I.Eng MILP  

Project Leader, Transportation Services Department

City of Burlington, ON, Canada