Our Rates Are a Steal

May, 2009

Editor, Parking Today:
I really donít know where some business-minded people get their smarts. Here in Florence, AL, our meter rates are a steal. We charge only one hour for each dime and 30 minutes for each nickel. They havenít changed since the 1970s, when we had penny meters.
Anyway, we have business owners and employees that make it a daily habit to park in front of their businesses and get tickets all day long. Our meter violation is only $2; and if it is not paid in seven days, the charge increases to $25.
We have parking lots close to these businesses that charge between only $10 and $12 per month. We have more complaints from business owners and employees than we do from any paying customers. What really surprises me is most of these owners are accountants, restaurant owners and attorneys.
I try to give these people a little wisdom, and let them know if they wouldnít park in front of their business, just think of the possibilities of the money they could make if those spaces were available for the paying customers.
Frank Chaney
Florence, AL