Biting off your nose to spite…


Biting off your nose to spite…

This is an incredible story. The owner of a café near Couberg, Ontario, has had it. He parks his car in front of his shop every day, and gets tickets. He just can’t find anywhere else to park. He has pleaded with the local government for help and they have tried to work something out but his neighbors just can’t seem to get it together and help.

Now he’s taking all his Christmas decorations down and threatening to move. Woe, woe, woe. There is parking nearby, but then he would have to schlep all his materials to his shop. That’s certainly no good. Plus when his customers see his car parked in front, they know he’s there. They then have to park a block away and walk to his store.

Read all about it here

I don’t know enough about the layout of the area to have much of a comment, but that’s never stopped me before. First of all, he says that he lives above his shop and therefore should have a space near his home. Huh? Where does that come from? No one is guaranteed a parking space, anywhere. Second he seems to put his own comfort over that of his customers. Third, if he is too tired to park his car properly, he should sleep more. And fourth, as correspondent Mark says — if he wants the police and his customers to know he’s there, why not just put up an “open” sign.


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