Customers or Felons…Check this out:


Customers or Felons…Check this out:

Tasered Twice Over a Parking Ticket

– A man claims a cop threw him to the ground, Tasered him twice and filed a bogus charge against him because he had an unpaid parking ticket. He sued Forest Park Police Officer Jeff Carnine and other unidentified officers in Federal Court.
     Treves Jones claims he was enjoying a meal at the International House of Pancakes when Officer Carnine told him that he “needed to come outside.”
     Jones says he “asked why and Carnine’s response was, ‘You get your ass up now or I’ll make you get up.'”
     Jones says that “Carnine pulled him out of the booth and caused him to fall to the floor. As Jones was raising himself up from the floor, two John Does jumped on his back and Carnine Tasered him.”
     Jones says Carnine Tasered him a second time and handcuffed him, then “obtained the keys to Jones’ car and then conducted a search of the car.”
     Jones says the cops took him to the Forest Park Police Station and finally informed him that “there was an open arrest warrant for him for the nonpayment of a parking ticket.”
     Jones says the cops charged him with “resisting arrest,” and he was acquitted at trial.
     He says he was arrested, and Tasered, and searched, without probable cause. He seeks punitive damages for constitutional violations.
     He is represented by Robert Newman with Newman & Meeks of Cincinnati.

Anyone who says we don’t think our customers are felons, reread the above story.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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