Fighting in Philly — Governor is “Shocked”


Fighting in Philly — Governor is “Shocked”

I just love it when a politician takes Claude Rains’ line from Casablanca, you know — "I’m shocked SHOCKED to find gambling at Rick’s" — just as he is handed his winnings…

As usual most of the hew and cry in Philly is about money. Seems that the parking authority has raised salaries and increased its staff, but the amount of money going to the local schools and the city has remained constant. They are calling for an audit.

The Governor is "shocked" at the political patronage (right) and politicians are staking out positions on both sides of the issue.

But as you read this article you find that as with most government issues, its all about the money, and who gets it. The schools say they are due more and it should come from the piece that goes to the city, the city can’t because they say that the amount they get covers a budget shortfall, and everyone says all the governor has to do is write a letter and all will be well.

Oh, please.  Whenever there is a lot of money and the government is involved, even a quasi government like a parking authority, an eagle eye has to be kept on the entire operation. This is particularly true when the folks running the operation have an (R) or a (D) after their names that that party affiliation is more important than running a tight ship. 

The Ds were thrown out a few years ago to "clean up the parking authority" and now the  Rs are being accused of the same or worse.

I reiterate what I said earlier — lets get the politics out of parking and focus on caring for this valuable resource. Can you imagine what our parks would look like if they were run by one or the other of our political parties.

I have no clue what the "truth" is in Philadelphia but it really makes no difference. The parking operation is run by politicians and its awash with money, and that always causes a problem.


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