Find a Parking Policy and Stick to it


Find a Parking Policy and Stick to it

That’s the headline on the story — read about it here.

The City of Olympia, Washington, is having parking schizophrenia. First they instituted meters, then they removed them, now they are considering putting them back. Why — They found that the free parking offered for downtown wasn’t working. Strangely enough when they removed the meters, local workers parked in the free spots and took up space from people who were trying to come down and spend their money. Why, do you know that these folks actually went out every couple of hours and moved their cars rather than pay a fee and walk a few blocks. Can you believe it. I am shocked SHOCKED…

OF course Olympia is the capital of Washington State and maybe the deep thought and consideration that goes on in their statehouse, as in most state houses, bled over into the city government.

The local paper in the editorial linked in this post asked them to simply be consistent. I would have demanded that they find someone who had at least attended a parking conference or read a parking magazine to work in their parking department. Damn — You stop charging and the available space goes down. Who would have thunk it.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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