Hagarstown Needs an Audit


Hagarstown Needs an Audit

Well, nothing says audit like something in the paper. The Associated press has this little gem:

Documents show that two Hagerstown businesses owe more than a total of $32,000 in parking debts, and a councilwoman wants to know why. Councilwoman Penny Nigh says Award Beauty School and Demcore Development should have started paying the parking debts years ago.

Demcore owes Hagerstown $16,394.70 in parking debts that have accrued since 2005. Award owes the city $15,778.50 from fees that began to accrue in 2007 City Administrator Bruce Zimmerman says the two businesses have had their privileges revoked at the garages this month.

Mike Deming, president of Demcore, said last week he was knew the money was due and it will be paid as soon as possible. An employee at Award Beauty School says the business didn’t know about the debt until about five weeks ago.

As correspondent Mark points out – Why did it take them two years to figure out that these folks owed money from assumed non payment of monthly parking permits. I wonder how many others are in the same boat.

I’ll bet we could find another story in the local paper about how the town is laying off people due to a downturn in tax revenues. Sigh


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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