Hartford goes Green


Hartford goes Green

My old buddy Jim Kopency in Hartford is taking his parking operation green. See the article below:

In conjunction with Mayor Perez’s city-wide clean air initiatives, at their regular monthly meeting the Commissioners of the Hartford Parking Authority passed a resolution intended to encourage the use of high mileage vehicles.  The six month pilot program requires owners to demonstrate that they own fuel efficient vehicles that achieve a minimum of 30 miles per gallon of fuel both city and highway.  The following vehicles are currently recognized as compliant with that goal and will be subject to a 50% savings in monthly parking for the duration of the program. 

1          Honda Insight

61 city/66 hwy

2       Toyota Prius (Hybrid)

60 city/51 hwy

3          Honda Civic Hybrid

48 city/47 hwy

4          Volkswagen Jetta Wagon TDI

36 city/47 hwy

5          Volkswagen New Beetle TDI

38 city/46 hwy

6          Ford Escape Hybrid 2WD

36 city/31 hwy

Following the completion of the six month pilot project, the HPA will evaluate public response and measure the program’s success.  A decision will be made at that time to either extend the program or modify it based on user response.

Jim Kopencey, executive director of the Hartford Parking Authority, stated “we in the parking industry have always viewed ourselves as a subset of the larger discipline of transportation system management.   Today, we have taken a substantial step to bring parking (transportation at rest) into the mainstream of critical national issues that are associated with transportation system management.  We have incentivized the public to conserve energy, promote energy independence, improve air quality and hopefully, spurred technological development of efficient vehicles by making them more financially attractive transportation options.”

Hey, Jimbo — Great idea.  I know that a number of garages have charged more or less based on the size of the vehicle. This carries it a step further.  Good Luck


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