Major Employer begins to charge for parking


Major Employer begins to charge for parking

So a major employer is wising up and beginning to charge for parking.  Great idea.  Read about it here.

Aetna has seen the light, at least half of it. The fact is that the company’s employees are paying for the parking now, in the fact that they don’t get more in salary. That money has to come from somewhere. 

I would charge the entire cost of the parking to the employees that drive. If they did that, then perhaps they would figure out less expensive ways to get to work (carpool, public trans, etc). How by subsidizing parking, the company has inadvertently added to sprawl, traffic, you name it.

Parking costs should not be bundled. They should be out there where those that use the service know what it costs. Now if Aetna decides to pay those who drive more than those who don’t, then that’s their business. But if the true costs are out there for everyone to see, maybe management and labor will begin to understand the issues in dealing with parking.

What do you think?


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  1. This is a truly complicated issue. In some cases company car parking may also be seen as taxable perks.
    In the case of one project that I worked on, we raised the following issues for management to consider, amongst others:
    a) criteria for prioritising access to parking
    b) criteria for assessing the needs of essential car users who need vehicles to carry out their jobs compared to those who just drive to work
    c) assessment of the needs of women with young children at school, where the mothers have to be at school at fixed times
    d) assessment of the needs of overtime and late night workers
    e) supporting the needs of people with disabilties
    In some cases, our clients are located close to town centres and the parking is shared with users of cinemas, bars and clubs, making the allocation of spaces very difficult.

  2. This is typical of the mean-spirited attitudes which are increasingly previlant. Everything is based on money and punishment. Fortunately, such cultures eventually destroy themselves.

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