Mathematician ‘Solves’ Parking Lot Puzzle


Mathematician ‘Solves’ Parking Lot Puzzle

I have been finding this article under my nose for the past few weeks. It has come in from correspondents like Brandy Stanley of Las Vegas and Consultant Mark Rimmer. When I saw it as a headline on Park News I realized it was time for a comment.

The article’s premise is that a British professor suddenly got the idea that if you angled parking in a garage or surface lot, it would be easier for parkers and garner a bit more space for parking since the aisles could be slightly narrower. This was seen as the greatest discovery since penicillin. My correspondents’ reaction was “OMG” as they slapped their respective foreheads. (NOT!)

It seems if you are in the parking industry, the knowledge of striping lots so cars park at an angle is pretty much taken for granted. Sure there are reasons not to use angle parking (turning radii at end of aisles being one, so you may have to reduce the number of spaces per lane, but that all depends on whether or not parking requirements have set the number of spaces you must squeeze into the lot.  Another reason to consider the parking requirement part of Shoup’s theories.

Gee, maybe our Limey professor could have made a quick phone call to the British Parking Association to see if they had discovered the mysterious solution to parking lot striping. Or maybe, just maybe, the reporter might have made that phone call or was this one of those stories “too good to check.”




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