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More on USA Today

Here’s the first graph in the USA Today Parking Story

After circling in anguish for 15 minutes, holiday shopper Derek Bracey abandoned
his search for free primo parking along this city’s trendy Melrose Avenue. This
month, millions of Americans could find themselves in a similar predicament.

OK, lets analyze. 

First, he circled for 15 minutes, that a quarter of an hour. Give me a break. If this guy couldn’t find a parking space in the Melrose area of LA in 15 minutes, he should have his license revoked. Oh, but the reason is item number two

Second, he was looking for a "free" space. Well, gee, lets see — you are going to one of the most trendy and potentially expensive areas of town to shop, probably driving a $30,000 car, and you are too cheap to pay for parking.

Third, he wants a "primo" space.

So here’s the Shoupista poster boy — he cruises for 15 minutes looking for "free" parking. and he wants a space within a few steps of his destination. Don Shoup’s point is proven about parking in the first sentence of this article.

The conclusion in the article is that its parking industry’s fault that there’s not enough "free" and "Primo" parking. Sigh.

My guess is that our hero Derek would have been fine parking in the Melrose district if

1. Parking wasn’t free in the area and therefore shop keepers would find it preferable to park elsewhere and walk.

2. He was willing to pay for valet or surface parking that is readily available in the area (there is valet parking on every other block supported by stores and restaurants.

3. He didn’t demand that he park directly in front of the store he was going to patronize.

We are spoiled. We act like brats when we drive and attempt to park. Its no wonder that the feeling is that there isn’t enough parking.


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