Only in Bizerkly


Only in Bizerkly

Update: OK so  its in Michigan and not California — all the rest remains the same..


Lets see, we had a court, judge, and why not?  the ACLU involved in a parking ticket.

This nutter in Berkeley paid a $10 parking fine and wrote an obscenity on the check (Bull….. Money Grab). The judge didn’t like it and charged the offender with contempt. Read about it here.

The ACLU represented the cursing parker and demanded the judge resend the order based on the defendants right of free speech. The judge countered with "if the defendant apologizes to the court, I’ll let him off."  That’s what happened but of course the ACLU attorney wasn’t happy.  He wanted to fight this one to the supreme court.

Personally I think the guy should have been forced to shine parking meters for a week, and have his checkbook washed out with soap.


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  1. As much as those of us who live or work in Berkeley might appreciate the publicity the city draws from being called “Bizerkly”, this story, unfortunately, can’t be attributed to Berkeley. The link is to The Detroit News, & the incident took place in Berkley, Michigan, not Berkeley, California. What was it that tipped me off that something was amiss? A $10 parking fine in Berkeley? – no way!

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