Palestanians Shoot it out over a parking space


Palestanians Shoot it out over a parking space

Well, It took only a couple of weeks after the Israelis bailed on the Gaza Strip. A member of a Palestinian commando unit was told he could park his car in a certain spot by a member of the national security forces. He returned later with more of his gang and proceeded to shoot up the area. No one appeared to be injured. Read about it here

I guess the Palestinians are coming of age quicker than we thought they would. See, I think that if people have responsibility for governing themselves and have to spend their time worrying about sewage and schools, and roads and hospitals, and yes, parking, they will find that trying to take over the country next door is pretty far down on the list. However, if they have a dictator who takes care of all that, and feeds them full of crapola about what’s going on in the world, they have time to hate their neighbors and blame them for all their problems.

Pretty simplistic but maybe parking is a metaphor for just how the world works.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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