Parking Around the World


Parking Around the World

In the United States, we pass laws about every little thing. That’s why fast food restaurants have to print “contents hot” on disposable coffee cups, and plastic bag makers have to tell people their bags are not a toy. If they don’t say so explicitly, they are responsible for whatever mishaps and tragedies occur. It gets a little ridiculous, and we forget that in other countries, people are left to fend for themselves.

So it’s surprising to read the news from other countries and realize they don’t legislate parking practices to the tiniest detail. In Chandigarh, according to The Indian Express, dishonest practices in parking lots are common and expected.

Sub Divisional Engineer (Headquarters) Kashmira Singh admitted that he has received complaints about over-charging at parking lots. “The problem of over-charging exists. We conduct raids and fine contractors whenever we can,” he said.

The article reports that parkers are given parking passes that don’t show rates. The rates are not posted at the lot and they are cut off of the paper passes, so customers have no idea what they will be charged. I don’t doubt there are 50 laws in the U.S. about posting rates and tampering with parking tickets, but it’s not so in other places. It sounds like authorities in Chandigarh are aware of the problem, but can’t eradicate it. I hesitate to suggest passing a law to address the situation, but it could be helpful.

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  1. In South Africa our son’s father-in-law Peter took us to a mall in Durban and when we left the car he paid several Rand to a person that showed up behind our car in the parking lot, no uniform or name tag. It appeared to be six or so in a group standing around looking for cars that were parking. I asked Peter if they were the parking attendants and he said, “Kind of; if you don’t pay you likely will have a smashed headlight, a dent in the hood, or a broken window upon return.” This was at a very large urban mall with what apparently was meant to be free parking.

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