Parking isn’t Going Away


Parking isn’t Going Away

A new app-driven driver service promises users they will never have to park again. According to, Zirx provides personal valet parking services. Users summon a valet who takes their car to the nearest Zirx parking lot and returns with it when requested. It’s not a car-sharing system, it’s a delegate-your-parking issues system. Zirx just started operating in San Diego. It already works in San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.

In San Diego, the average price to park is just under $10 an hour, and $19 a day. Comparing these rates to the app, Zirx starts at $15 a day, and you can add extras. For instance: Agents can top off your gas tank or get a car wash. “Details, tire rotated… anything you might need.”

Services like Zirx make the parking industry nervous, but they’re not really doing away with parking lots or the need to park. They’re saving people the trouble of parking their cars themselves. But parking is still a requirement. Somebody has to help Zirx meet the needs of its customers by providing the infrastructure for its valet parking services. Parking isn’t going away.

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John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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