Parking Tickets used to Hammer City Official


Parking Tickets used to Hammer City Official

Lets see if I got this straight.  An alderman in Melrose, MA, is getting mucho parking tickets written in his neighborhood because he has been holding back on back pay for the police that was awarded by a court earlier in the year.

In addition, a Melrose policeman supposedly caught the Alderman taking tickets off cars in his neighborhood (and smelled demon rum on the councilman’s breath). He couldn’t handle the situation and called for backup. A sergeant appeared and each wrote a report.

Supposedly the report says that the Alderman was going to take the tickets to the mayor’s office.  The alderman will neither confirm nor deny before he reads what’s actually in the reports, but is concerned about the allegation that he was not in complete control of his faculties, due to a bit too much of the bubbly.

Read the Boston Globe report here.

Lets just hope that this is the biggest scandal to hit this Boston burb. In the days of Watergate, Memogate, Irangate, and the other dozen ‘gates in the news, its great to hear that the biggest problem in this town is a city councilman being threatened by the parking police.

Power to the Parking Police!!!


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