Presents Arrive, Despite Booted Sleigh


Presents Arrive, Despite Booted Sleigh

‘Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the fray

Santa soon discovered that

Someone booted his sleigh


With a sack full of presents

He picked up at the mall

He saw the seizure notice

With a toll free number to call


“Would anyone answer the phone?”

Santa wondered

Then “Boot Release Line,

Can I have your Violation Number?”


Santa complied

And asked for an explanation

“You have three outstanding tickets

For loading zone violations”


Unaware of the tickets

And no-one to blame

Santa assumed it was

Rudolph’s reindeer games


With credit card in hand

And time running short

Saint Nick paid the fine

Instead of going to court


After all, the big man

Was running short on time

He got the code to the Boot

And released it just fine


So when you wake up on Christmas

To see your presents stocked

Remember that this year

Santa was assisted
by PayLock


Special Christmas thanks from JVH to

-Chad Collins of Paylock

John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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