Thank you for scheduling Online Banners with Parking Today Media. Find below the email requirements and specs.

Please forward questions and materials to my attention kelley@parkingtoday.com

Artwork Deadline 1 week prior to upload date


  • Website Banners - ParkingToday.com and ParkNews.biz
  • Newsletter Banners BODY - Parking Today Newsletter and ParkNews.biz
  • Newsletter Banners HEADER/SUPER - Parking Today Newsletter and ParkNews.biz

    Website Images Specs 

    • Website Image/Banner Sizes: 700x115 (horz), 400x200 (horz) and 202x520 (sky)
    • Image Link
    • JPG or PNG File; 150 dpi. 500k max, STATIC ONLY

    Newsletter (House Email) Images Specs:

    • Newsletter Banner Size(s) - BODY Positions: 700x115 (horz) and 100x500 (sky)
    • Newsletter Banner Size - SUPER Position: 700x115 (horz)
    • Newsletter Banner Size - HEADER Position: 800x320 (horz)
    • The Current Issue is Online - SPONSORED Image - 700x115 (horz)
    • Image Link
    • JPG or PNG; 150 dpi. 500k max.; STATIC ONLY