Thank you for scheduling an email blast with Parking Today Media. Find below the email requirements and specs.

Please forward all materials to my attention kelley@parkingtoday.com

Materials Deadline 1 week prior to upload date

Find below a list of required items that are needed to process your email. 

  • HTML Code A link or the code pasted into a text file or word document
  • Subject Line
  • From Label (Email inbox - From: Parking Today Media on behalf of Advertiser Name)
  • Reply to Email Address
  • Email addresses for those who will approve the email test
  • Optional - Backup PDF for visual reference
  • Optional - embedded video specs - 480x385 pixels if 4:3 video or 640x385 pixels for 16:9

The Ideal width 600-650 pixels; the maximum number of HTML characters is 46,080
An option to help create your email/html code is the free system - Beefree.io

Dowload the Email Specs Here