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Parking Today's Contest and Giveaway!
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Every month, PT will pose 3 questions, which will entail a search of our website and past issues section on the website, for the answers. 

Email your answers to sleuth@parkingtoday.com 

Two winners will be chosen randomly. The first winner will receive an Eddie Bauer fleece jacket or vest with our logo on it. The second winner will receive a Polo Shirt with our logo on it. We will then invite you to send in a picture, wearing your prize, be sure to promote your company in the picture, which will be featured in the following month along with the answers.



Find below the current month's questions

  1. In the April 2018 issue, what does Kevin Uhlenhaker say is a great thing for customers?
  2. Where is the Parking Industry Expo being held in 2023?
  3. In the Worldwide Associations section, who is listed as the Secretary of the Irish Parking Association?

    Send your answers to sleuth@parkingtoday.com


Contest Winner's Corner
The winner's received an exclusive Eddie Bauer
fleece jacket with the Parking Today Logo


1st place Winner
Scott N. Vrbka, City of Lincoln
2nd Place Winner
Micah Heckman, PE, City of Shakoppee

Previous Month's Winners
1st place Winner
Laurie O'Grady, City of Monterey

060921 Laurie O'Grady Slueth winner 200x

2nd Place Winner
Leslie Griffin, City of Monterey

060921 Leslie Griffin Slueth winner 200x
1st place Winner
Kevin Graham, ParkMobile

051221 Graham K Slueth winner parkmobile 200x
2nd Place Winner
Teresa Whorton,  IPsens, LLC

051221 Whorton T Slueth winner ipsens 200x