PTM Contest

Parking Today's Contest and Giveaway!
Become a PT Sleuth

Every month, PT will pose 3 questions, which will entail a search of our website and past issues section on the website, for the answers. 

Email your answers to sleuth@parkingtoday.com 

Two winners will be chosen randomly. The first winner will receive an Eddie Bauer fleece jacket or vest with our logo on it. The second winner will receive a Polo Shirt with our logo on it. We will then invite you to send in a picture, wearing your prize, be sure to promote your company in the picture, which will be featured in the following month along with the answers.

Contest Winners Corner - coming soon!!


The first 3 Questions are:

  1. In the June 2020 issue of Parking Today, "Who" do we hear?
  2. In the October 2018 issue, the article; Parking is a Complicated Space, what major car company just bought a mobile parking payment and reservation company.
  3. In the "Death By Parking" chapters on the homepage - the chapter titled, The Lieutenant, what is the name of the Parking company and who is the CEO?

Send your answers to sleuth@parkingtoday.com