Read the last Sentence


Read the last Sentence

Wow — Click on this link and read the last sentence. The beautiful Capital of New Mexico collects only about 40% of the money due it in parking fines each year. What is going on there? My understanding is that cities that do nothing to collect fines get at least half of the money, and I would have assumed that the glitterati that live in Santa Fe would have their staff pay their parking tickets…Whom knows.

So the city is going to start "cracking down" by going after and booting those scofflaws that have more than 100 outstanding tickets. Wow, now that’s really putting them to the test. There are people in the town  the size of Santa Fe (pop 1.8 million) that have 100 unpaid tickets? It boggles the mind. And if that’s a crack down, then there must be a lot of them over 100.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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