Residents Win Fight Against ParkAtlanta


Residents Win Fight Against ParkAtlanta

Around 6 years ago, then Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin hired a private firm to enforce parking in her city. At the time, Atlanta had given up on its own enforcement program and needed a little of the money it was losing in ticket fees. According to, the new enforcement team did its job well, so well that residents began to protest with vigor.

Residents went so far as to create anti-parking-enforcement clubs, bumper stickers, websites and Facebook pages. They made their displeasure known in every possible forum. Their main objection, besides the fact that they’d been given tickets in the first place, was that, from their points of view, the enforcement agency was trying to make a hefty profit on ticketing residents.

“…the discord grew voluminous enough that Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin’s successor, Kasim Reed, had to rewrite the contract to ensure greater accountability and transparency from the ticketing force—a renegotiation that cost the city somewhere in the neighborhood of $800,000.”

The city’s contract with its parking enforcement agency is almost up and Mayor Reed has promised residents he would not renew it. He even gave them a forum to air their grievances at a recent city council meeting.

Atlanta’s fussy residents might have a point that they were ticketed unfairly, charged too much, not allowed to resolve ticketing issues, and generally preyed upon by a heartless, money grubbing parking enforcement agency, but it might be they had just got used to the parking free-for-all in their city and didn’t want to follow rules or face consequences. It’s hard to say as an outsider.

Now Atlanta can go back to enforcing its own parking or hire another contractor. Hopefully, people will be happy with one of those solutions.

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