The New Normal, Bah Humbug


The New Normal, Bah Humbug

I’m hearing daily about “the new normal.” Consultants and so called Thought Leaders are constantly telling us that we are in a ‘new normal.’ Society, both social and professional have changed to the point that we must embrace the new ways things are done. This is a result of the pandemic, technology, and frankly, the desires of the great unwashed. I want to work from home, I want to communicate over Zoom, I want to be left alone. It’s the “new normal.”

We are told that sports are no longer competitive, but that everyone should be a winner. We are told that one may select one’s sex, and change it at will. We are told that the “M” and “W” on restrooms mean nothing. It’s the ‘new normal.’

Small children, ages 3 to 8, are exposed to sexual grooming, and given no time to be kids. Their innocence is being taken away. It’s the “new normal.” Police are the enemy, their budgets are cut, they receive no support from their city governments. It’s the “new normal.”

Gasoline prices are twice what they were a year ago. Inflation had taken hold in every aspects of our lives. Homelessness is rampant, crime is on the increase. It’s the “new normal.”

We just have to accept the “new normal” and nod our heads. At least that’s what our Thought Leaders tell us. But I wonder.

How many times have you heard coworkers tell you how they hate ‘Zoom’ meetings. How many conversations have you had when people tell you how much they miss the business and social life of actually going to the office. How many companies are actually beginning to require their employees to show up.

Is not the illogic of being able to select one’s sex, particularly at a very early age, becoming obvious. Having actual males competing with females in sports is not working out. Doesn’t simply thinking about the issue show one how crazy it is?

Shouldn’t children be allowed to be kids without involving them conversations long before they are able to handle it. Does that make sense.

The cops aren’t perfect, but they are on the front line, and give their lives daily to protect us. Don’t you think they need some support?

“The New Normal” makes no sense. I think what it means is that its time to give up.  Just retreat into our homes, and accept whatever comes. So be it.

I just can’t buy that. Change is always going to happen, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that its for the good. Take my advice. Look out your window. See what’s really happening. Make up your mind. For yourself. Just because someone said something at a college, or in silicon valley, or in front of the city council doesn’t make it good or right.

Have the courage to think for yourself.


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John Van Horn

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  1. When I am determined to travel be it to Rome, NYC, Miami, Jerusalem and so on, I focus on the destination. The same goes for having a goal. I have plan how I am going to achieve that goal. Day by day step by step. However, I don’t focus on the bumps in the road. What road are you traveling Astrid? It is the road to Rome, NYC, Jerusalem or my specific goal. With that goal in mind, I am determined and do what I have to do regardless the terrain.

    It seems to me we have been focusing on the muddy terrain instead of the destination of the road, our determinations, plans and goals. Therefore, we wake up in complacency, living in resignation vs doing what has to be done and moving to the destination.

    It is the road to Rome that leads us there. The focus is on where we must arrival. And all the bumps and mud are just a part of it but in the end, they only make us better and stronger. So once again, it is all how we look at things and what choices do we make. Choices made on common sense, faith and introspection. And subsequently, clarity.

    Thank you John,

    Astrid Ambroziak

  2. IN my years there were always the so called progressive, far Left, very weak, people who danced around with their nut case ideoligy. The silent majority just stayed silent because we knew the weak would ear their own and go away. In more recent years the far left, the very, very, weak have been given a loud voice through social media that they can hid behind. It is hard for us to realize that they actually exist and do have some level of a voice. The silent majority may need to step up to the plate. The anonymous voice gives the ultra-weak a very strong voice.

  3. You know you’re in the new normal when story headlines in The Babylon Bee seem truer than those in the NYT, WaPo or your local newspaper. Latest case in point from the Bee: “FBI to be raiding homes of those who criticize FBI raid.”

    Yet our world is a history of the new normal displacing the old normal. Depending upon who you are and what you believe, a new normal can be good or bad. The farm tractor displaced the horse and probably sent more than a few to the glue factory, but it allowed billions to eat and live better.

    But where earlier populations had the benefit of time to adapt to the new normals of their day, ours are coming lightning fast from all directions – physical, cultural, psychological, political. Lockdowns, mandatory injections and runaway inflation, to name just a few, are more like a shock and awe blitzkrieg against a person’s psyche and ability to adapt. Yet somehow we do.

    But here’s a key difference: the new normals of yesteryear, mostly but not always, improved our quality of life; while too many of today’s new normals are regressive. They represent steps backwards and a decline in the quality of life.

    So another case in point: at a summertime college planning event in a sultry west coast town some years ago, a firm touted the benefits of passive ventilation at its late afternoon reception. With sky lights and open windows as the ventilation du jour in lieu of air conditioning and fans, I’ve often wondered how many folks contracted food poisoning as they competed with the flies for the sweaty lunch meats and cheeses at the stifling room’s buffet table.

    And the best (or worst) in terms of new normals is yet to come, if you pay attention to the dispatches from the World Economic Forum. You know the WEF: where the crème de la crème of the globe’s financial and political elite make their annual pilgrimage to Davos, Switzerland to sit at the feet of Klaus Schwab, Yuval Noah Harari, and other titans of future tech to outline their plans for a brave new world (and global government). You may be familiar with a few of the more notable quotes from the dynamic duo of Klaus and Yuval, including, “(By 2030) you will own nothing and by happy,” and “There is no such thing as free will.” What concepts!

    So John – and Clyde – I’ll see John’s “bah humbug,” and raise him a “bah humbug” to any new normal lacking liberty. Are you in?

    If so, push your chips in and make your voice heard now while you still can. Say “bah humbug” to any politician or so-called thought leader who wants a new normal that would erode our quality of life, and especially any legislative new normal that would threaten our God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  4. I always love your comments, Joe. Just when I think one can get no further right, there you are.
    I would say that when I talk about “A New Normal” I don’t consider simply a better way of farming, or communicating, or transportation. Those changes are, I think, a natural evolution of our lives.
    To me, “A New Normal” as described by ‘our betters’, is a fundamental change in our belief systems. Not that I am able to work from home because my phone or laptop allows, but that it is ‘better’ to work from home. I shutter at the thought that we don’t need social or professional interaction, that our lives are better living in solitary. Humans are social animals. We live in neighborhoods, cities, and countries. Cultures are developed from that.
    How sad it would be for an archeologist digging in West Los Angeles in 2400 to find everyone in their beds, glued to their phones. The saving grace is that we won’t be here to see it.

  5. I need to add one small bit to what I said. “The anonymous voice gives the ultra-weak a very strong voice”. They only represent a small % of the total yet the press takes that anonymous voice and makes it sound like it is 90% of us. When 1% starts sounding like 90% then the 1% has 90% of the voice. Our actual largest enemy may be the press. They pretend to be reporting the news and many believe they are however, they are reporting their news through their eyes. The silent majority better step up to the plate in the next two elections.
    Great to hear from you Joe

  6. John, I agree with all that you said except in referring to me as being “far right” when in actuality the positions I espouse are those of a constitutionalist, supporting limited government as designed in our Constitution..

    There’s actually little difference between the far left and what the far right, which most people erroneously associate with fascism. The Left and the Far Right both seek BIG government and total control, and stand in stark contrast to our Founders’ and Framers’ system of limited government, which some today maintain has gone astray.

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