“When Will They Ever Learn”


“When Will They Ever Learn”

When Pete Seeger wrote those words, he was talking about war and its horrors. When the Kingston Trio and Peter Paul and Mary made the song famous, they too were singing about the inability of mankind to learn from its mistakes. It is a classic example of the Law of Unintended Consequences. We simply refuse to learn.

I’m talking about a different war of sorts. The war being waged by those kool aide infused folks concerning anthropomorphic (made by humans) climate change and their inability to learn from the results of their own activities. To wit:

Report after report are showing us, for various reasons, that wind and solar generation of electricity simply don’t work – They are expensive, and create so little power that they don’t make any reasonable inroads into nuclear, natural gas, and coal generation. Oh, they don’t work at night. Who would have thought. Plus an hour of heavy hail can take out and entire megawatt generating solar operation.

Suddenly we discover that Ford’s newest EV, the F 150 lightning, loses up to 30% of its range when carrying its full payload, even more when it’s cold outside.  Plus, those who reserved the truck at a price tag of $40K now find that its cost is over $60K. Oh Well.  Even though Tesla is booming, other EV startups are going out of business. I hear the defense department wants to make tanks fully electric. Let’s see how that would work – They run out of a charge and have to take half a day to recharge? Or even an hour? What are these people thinking. Report after report says that the charging capacity is nowhere near meeting demand in the US. Throwing money at it doesn’t seem to help.

Electric bicycles are catching on fire, as are some EVs, and the fire is almost impossible to put out.

I could go on, but you get the point. Plus, I defy any of you to point out any of the predictions made by these folks that have come true in the past half century. Can you say polar bears, glaciers, rising sea levels, increased natural disasters (hurricanes, etc), any prediction by Greta Thunberg, the list is endless.

Plus it seems that even though birds, whales and sea life are inversely affected by windmills, that is suddenly is OK. Undersea mining for materials to manufacture batteries is now de rigueur. Oil drilling is not. Seems its OK that most if not all rare earths for batteries now available are mined by near slave labor and the strip mines are destroying the eco structure in Africa and China. I won’t even mention that most of the supply of these products is controlled by our friends the Chinese. What happened. Have we forgotten ‘Blood Diamonds.’ Perhaps someone can come up with “Blood Batteries.”

If you want to consider just how ludicrous is all is, a recent report by the White House actually considers the possibility of cooling the earth by reducing the heat from the sun. Wait, doesn’t that mean that the so called warming trends are being caused by something other than human activity? It’s been my experience that its not nice to screw with Mother Nature.

We are more than two generations into this now, and these folks have learned nothing, zero, zip. What will it take?

When will they ever learn?


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