Who do we know in Yonkers?


Who do we know in Yonkers?

The city of Yonkers is giving free on street parking today and next Saturday, but keeping the off street parking charges at their normal level.  According to everything I know about parking, this is exactly reverse of what they should do if they want to ensure there is available parking for the folks in town.

My guess is that what will happen is that the employees of the stores downtown will take all the free on street parking spaces and folks will be forced into the off street lots. Or, the on street spaces will fill and folks will cruise round and round to find a free spot, causing major congestion.

Who do we know in Yonkers — I’m going to email someone in their parking department and get a report on the result of this Christmas Kindness.


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John Van Horn

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  1. Enjoy the holidays and stop turning something positive into a negative. If you’re unhappy about the free parking, encourage the shoppers to use the parking facilities that way they’ll have to pay.

  2. I plan to enjoy my holidays but I don’t think that giving free parking during this time is a positive. It means that fewer people will have a place to park, there will be more congestion on the streets, and much more frustration by drivers. I cannot see any positive, except to the store employees who come before the stores open and take the onstreet spaces so the shoppers will have no place to park.

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