You’re Stupid – Cubed


You’re Stupid – Cubed

From Peter Guest:

Can’t remember where I saw this but it seems that the people concerned have entered a stupid contest; and they all win! Mr X was an ex-cop, 20 plus years on the force and now in later life sadly disabled with a disabled badge, which he allowed to expire. So when he parked with his expired badge he got a couple of tickets. He was a cop; he knows the rules and spent his working life upholding them; but No “on a matter of principle” he won’t pay. The first winner.

The Council took him to court; yes he spent his working life “to protect and serve”, yes he is clearly disabled and entitled to the concession. However, the paperwork was five days out of date so no common sense, no discretion. They take him to court and get a judgement against him. Mr X appeals to a higher court which apparently did not have the power to reverse the lower court ruling but, to paraphrase the judge tells the Council not to be so bloody stupid; so we have a second winner.

And our third winner is the bailiff company who will be collecting the fine. There is no way that they can do this without being seen as the villains; “evil bailiffs seize police hero’s car” you know the sort of thing. Do they tell the Council to go back and re-read the higher court judge’s comments until they understand them? No they announce that they will collect and so lose ten times as much in reputation as they make in fees. Everyone’s a winner in the stupid race.

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