Florida Parking & Transportation Association

c/o Dawn Marti
P.O. Box 6006
Columbia, MD 21045


Phone: 240-893-6296

Website: www.flapta.org/

Email: flaparkingassoc@gmail.com



Raymond Mensah, President
Selena Tepas, Past President
Angel Diaz, President Elect
Bill Gheraghty, CAPP, Secretary
Brenda Dome, Treasurer


Member Description

FPTA offers three levels of membership; Regular, Associate and Affiliate. The membership year is January 1 through December 31. FPTA strives to provide members with the tools, connections and resources necessary to succeed in the parking industry.


Municipalities and other governmental bodies, parking authorities, boards, bureaus, commissions, departments, colleges, universities, airports, hospitals, private operators, transit agencies others having similar responsibility for the establishment, operations, maintenance, control or direction of public or private parking or transportation. ($100/year; payable by November 1st)

Additional representatives of the Regular or Affiliate, Members or any other individual, association or organization that the Board of Directors may elect ($75/year; payable by November 1st)

Associations, consultants, businesses or individuals engaged in supplying goods or services in the parking and transportation fields or interested in, or connected with the operation and development of public parking or transportation, whether for profit or otherwise and who support the objectives of the Association. ($100/year; payable by November 1st)


Association Description

Established in 1979, Florida Parking and Transportation Association (FPTA) has been dedicated to fulfilling the needs of its members. From training the valuable front-line employees, to creating one of the largest networking opportunities for learning in a state association, to bringing the latest innovation to our members, FPTA has consistently been at the top of our industry. FPTA relies on our diverse members who bring different points of views, knowledge, lessons learned through case studies, making our organization unique, relevant and successful. The FPTA conference each year attracts organizations with the latest technology that will ultimately change our role as parking professionals. The educational offerings at the conference are filled with valuable information, case studies and plenty of discussion time for attendees to learn from one another. 


The mission of the Florida Parking and Transportation Association is to promote and represent the parking and transportation industry in the State of Florida. The organization is committed to enhancing the professional image of parking and transportation, and also serves as a unifying force in promoting state and local legislation. Through fostering partnerships with individuals and organizations involved in the parking industry, FPTA is dedicated to keeping members informed about current parking and transportation issues while continually opening new lines of communication to all members.



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Dawn Marti, 240-893-6296

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