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A Note from a Friend

I received this from John Clancy. Now retired, John worked in the technology side of the industry for decades. I don’t think this needs any

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A Parking Newbie

I was looking back at some blog posts from 20 years ago and found this one fit today as well as at the turn of

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Look out the Window

If there is any advice I can give it’s concerning the passing scene. “Look out the window.” Rather than listen to CNN or the New

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In Hoc Anno Domini

I repeat a post for 2022. It seems most appropriate with all the happenings around the world.   The phrase In Hoc Anno Domini refers

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Merry Christmas

I usually write about the magic of Christmas, the legends and stories that have been told for millennia. But I can’t seem to get in

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When will they ever learn

I doubt that Pete Seeger was thinking about parking at Christmas when he penned “Where have all the flowers gone” in 1955. Nor did the

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PIE 2024 It’s Amazing

I never cease to be amazed at the quality of seminars that have been planned for Parking Industry Expo 2024. We are told that our

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Thanksgiving 2023

Often when we think of Thanksgiving we often think of a Norman Rockwell painting, of the family, three generations, sitting around the dining table with

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Veterans in Parking

I spent an hour with Doug Cram at the California Parking and Transportation meet this week in San Jose. I sort of knew what Doug

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Am Yisrael Chai

The People of Israel Live This is a blog that should have been written last week, but I’m having great difficulty expressing the feelings the

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It Boggles the Mind

Who would have thought that a business transaction in the parking industry would involve the number $1.5 billion? What venture capitalist would consider dropping that

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The Wheat from the Chaff

I am periodically overwhelmed with information. My computer desktop is exploding with everything from special deals from Costco to what is happening in the parking

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The Law of Unintended…

The law of unintended consequences is typically used to describe activity found in our government. It seems to work at all levels, however the higher

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Probably the most critical part of our lives is time, and how we spend it. I wonder from time to time (yep, I said that)

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Astrid reports over at Park News that a United Airlines Pilot grabbed and ax and took out his frustration on a parking exit gate at Denver

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Why I love Parking

Bill Smith wrote a great piece for the September PT on why he loves parking. I would like to add my two cents. Parking can

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