Texas Parking & Transportation Association – TPTA

PO Box 524230
Houston, Texas 77052

Dennis Delaney, CAPP –  University of Texas, Austin, President
Mary Mabry, CAPP – Cardinal Tracking, Inc., Past President
Jaime Snyder, CAPP – Walter P. Moore, Vice President
Adam Kaufman – University of Texas, Arlington, Treasurer
Matt Penney, CAPP – Baylor University, Secretary


Member Description
The Texas Parking Association offers two levels of membership. Each organization must have one Regular member (voting rights) and all others must be Associate members (no voting rights).

  • Regular….$150(Voting Privileges) Representatives of municipalities or other government bodies or parking authorities, transportation authorities, boards, bureaus, commissions or departments, also including universities, colleges, airports, hospitals, stadiums and auditoriums, or other institutions having similar responsibility for the establishment, operation, maintenance, control or direction of public parking. Note: Each organization is limited to one (1) Regular member and all others must be Associate members.
  • Associate….$150 (No Voting Privileges) Representatives of the Regular and Associate members or any other individual, corporation or Association that the Board may elect.
  • Memberships are valid from January 1st – December 31st.


Association Description
Since 1987, the Texas Parking & Transportation Association has been a vehicle for individuals engaged with parking and transportation businesses in municipalities, hospitals, airports, universities and parking authorities. We promote the mutual interests of the membership in the provision and operation of adequate, safe, efficient, convenient and economical public parking and transportation as a proper and necessary function for the economic and social well-being of our members.The TPTA Board of Directors met in a workshop before the 2016 Conference and Tradeshow to review our mission and vision for the Association. We developed new strategies to ensure that we are adequately meeting the needs of our membership for the present, as well as the future.


TPTA transforms professionals into leaders of their organization


We are a dedicated organization that engages in relationship building, information sharing and business growth


Key Priorities:

  • Expand Membership – Expand regular membership by 30% in the next two years within Texas and surrounding states through personal engagement and professional marketing.
  • Enhance the Annual Conference – Review the pricing structure, expand conference offerings and create a marketing strategy to target all parking and transportation professionals in Texas and surrounding states.
  • Enhance Outreach and Communications – Improve member outreach and communications by connecting members and vendors, establish member volunteer committees, launch annual formal engagement surveys and formalize membership communication vehicles.
  • Enhance Roundtable Program – Enhance the roundtable program by instituting social/networking events in conjunction with the roundtables, identifying topics that appeal to different facets of parking and transportation, and creating a volunteer committee.


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Annual TPTA Conference and Tradeshow
Dennis Delaney, CAPP, President

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