70 Million to Attend Expo in China; Is This a Parking Problem or What?


70 Million to Attend Expo in China; Is This a Parking Problem or What?

China will be hosting 70 million people at its World Expo in Shanghai in 2010.
The problem: The Chinese are attempting to leapfrog from a rural society to an urban one in a very few years. Issues that took decades to create in the West are occurring overnight in China. The World Expo (along with the 2008 Olympics) is exacerbating the situation.
To attempt to resolve parking and other issues created by the World Expo, the Chinese are staging a number of trade exhibitions to attract technology solutions. The idea is to draw businesses, such as those in parking, that will be able to assist the country in solving these issues. Interparking 2006 this fall in Shanghai specifically covers parking.
In China, the parking industry has been growing quickly due to the increase in the number of cars there, especially in the big cities of Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.
The Shanghai Municipal Government has launched a plan to further develop an intelligent parking system, so as to enable the area to support new urban development, particularly for car park solutions during the six-month-long 2010 World Expo – a huge challenge for the parking capacity of the international metropolis.
Interparking 2006, set for Oct. 8-10 at the Shanghai International Exhibition Centre, will be a great platform for foreign enterprises to build brand awareness and business connections in China, event organizers say. It also presents, they say, a great opportunity for such companies to expand parking management and products in the China market and to get involved in parking projects related to World Expo construction.
Dedicated to the parking industry, Interparking 2006 was organized by the CHMIA Working Committee for Parking Equipment, the Shanghai Service Trade Association of Parking (SSTSP) and the Shanghai International Exhibition Company (SIEC).
CHMIA and SSTSP are considered the most authoritative parking associations in China. SIEC, one of the three largest professional exhibition companies in China, also is a subsidiary of the Shanghai World Expo Group, which heads the construction and operation of World Expo 2010.

For more information on Interparking 2006, contact Dawn Newman at dnewman@bricepac.com.

Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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