A Good Dose of Self Doubt Helps


A Good Dose of Self Doubt Helps

Theresa Hughes

Managing Director, Chauntry

What makes a leader?

Courage, vision, listening skills, and endless energy. And also, when running a software business, attention to detail is really important.

What is the difference between a leader and a manager?

Managers carry out the vision of others. Leaders create the vision. Leaders should also be willing to take risks (albeit calculated ones) as they are champions of change.

How do you motivate yourself to see things anew every day?

Technology is constantly changing and is the driving force behind many of the “disruptor” businesses. If Amazon and Uber didn’t have great tech behind them, they would not have a working business model. Watching how tech can fundamentally change a business is highly motivational.

What are the biggest challenges you face today in 2022 as a leader?

Attracting and retaining good people is always a challenge, and in 2023, it’s likely to get harder.

Do the C titles make a difference and if so, how?

As a woman who started her career in the late 1970s, I know firsthand that my C suite title opened doors for me that might otherwise have remained closed. When I originally started my business with my husband in 1990, I was the Sales Director, and he was the Managing Director. I found it challenging to be taken seriously. I was once asked (by a woman in parking) that if my husband was the “driver” of the business did that mean I was the fluffy dice? So, I went home, made my husband dinner, and told him I was now the Managing Director. He took it well, as we are still married.

From historical figures to people in public eye, who would you want to be your leader/CEO?

I’m very happy with the one I’ve got right now thanks. His name is Matt Pack, and he is terrific guy.

What are the essential ingredients for a successful team?

Diversity of thought and people strong enough and articulate enough to express that diversity of thought.

What is your dream job?

If I saw something I wanted to do more than the job I have right now, I would go do it.

How do you re-invent yourself daily to avoid being complacent?

Constancy and consistency are, in my view, important values. So, re-inventing yourself shouldn’t be necessary. A good dose of self-doubt helps me continue to improve myself, though. //

Theresa Hughes is Managing Director, Chauntry

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Theresa Hughes
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