A.Lot Parking and Prime Parking Lay Grounds for Parking Sharing Infrastructure in Seattle


A.Lot Parking and Prime Parking Lay Grounds for Parking Sharing Infrastructure in Seattle

SEATTLE, March 18, 2021  — A.Lot Parking, a provider of comprehensive one-stop shop parking technology solutions, and Prime Parking, a full service transportation management company, are set to enable a large network of B2C and B2B parking sharing in Seattle.

Parking sharing for businesses and customers alike is as relevant as never before due to the impact of COVID-19 on parking behavior across the country. With many office spaces that are only partially used because of new home office policies, congested urban hubs like Seattle have a chance to solve their parking challenges. As many companies announced that they are not returning to full-time office presence after the end of the pandemic, office buildings have empty parking spaces to fill. The only missing link is to connect commercial building operators with drivers searching for convenient and affordable parking in city centers.

This is where the partnership of Prime Parking and a.Lot Parking comes in. Prime Parking, serving a big network of clients in Seattle with thousands of parking spaces, offers a new service to its customers for the post-COVID era: utilizing parking assets to serve customers lacking parking capacities in congested areas.

This ambition is possible to achieve with a.Lot Parking’s technology. A.Lot Parking reutilizes all existing parking hardware while adding a fully digitized, cloud-based, touchless service enabling remote parking management, real-time space utilization statistics, dynamic price setting and app-based payments. The Parking Management Platform (PMP) by a.Lot powered by very precise license plate recognition (LPR) technology allows drivers to use a mobile app or a website platform to reserve parking spot when needed, open barriers and pay for parking.

Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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