A Special Thanks From the Executive Director of Women in Parking


A Special Thanks From the Executive Director of Women in Parking

would like to take this opportunity to thank all the current and past board members who have helped shape Women in Parking into what it is today. Six years ago, we started as a nine–member organization and today we have expanded to 345 members and growing strong. WIP could not have come this far without the tireless efforts of the board volunteers that keep this organization running, growing and advancing day after day.

Current Women in Parking Board:

Laura Longsworth–Chair–Brookfield Properties, Colleen Niese–Associate Director/Past Chair–Marlyn Group, Marcy Sparrow–Treasurer– Parking Today Media, Tiffany Yu– Secretary, NuPark, Stan Bochniak–ABM, Andi Campbell–LAZ Parking, Tom Carter– Toledo Ticket, Kirsten Dolan– One Parking, Nicole Hankins–SP+, Renee Jordan–Conduent, Nicolle Judge–Sky Park, Susan McDermott– Transcore, Kelsey Owens – Passport.

Past Board Women in Parking board members:

Faith Albert–Parking Panda, Melinda Alonzo–Arizona State University, Lisa Bahr– Cubic Transportation, Karla Baig– Omni Park, Barbara Chance–Chance Management, Nancy Evens Stainbrook–Evens Time, Kathryn Hebert–Frontiers International, Al Lazowski–LAZ Parking, Julie North–Illinois State University, Michelle Porter–Carnegie Mellon University, Karen Pradhan SKIDATA, Sandra Smith–T2.

We have a few non–board individuals that really stand out in the support of WIP. Amber Cunha–Digital Printing Systems, heads up our Mentoring Program as the Committee Chair. Her vast knowledge and experience in this area made her the perfect candidate to lead this.

John Van Horn–Parking Today Media, was the originator of the WIP idea and to this day supports WIP, with an annual issue of Parking Today dedicated to the organization, conference and event support and corporate sponsorships.

Thank you to the International Parking Institute and National Parking Association for their support to WIP through trade show events. It is a great opportunity to be at your respective trade shows and have the ability to promote WIP through your booth and event space donations.

Many thanks to all the volunteers that work on committees, help at trade shows and volunteer their company’s services to help us. It is such a collective group effort to keep this organization running and without all of you it would not be possible.

And last but by no means least, a huge thank you to the corporate sponsors who on an annual basis donate to WIP. Your funds help make all our ideas come to life and keep WIP growing strong. Please see a list of all our corporate sponsors on page 28.

With Gratitude,

Ruth Beaman– Executive Director

Women in Parking

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