A Sustainable and Green Way to Travel to the Airport


A Sustainable and Green Way to Travel to the Airport

APH.com is an award-winning airport parking company, having won Best Airport Parking Provider at the British Travel Awards for 10 consecutive years. Here’s some input on an approach to promoting airport parking vs. alternative methods of getting to the airport. It works just as well in the rest of the world as it does in the UK.

Many UK travelers may not know that dropping off and collecting travelers from the airport (also known as ‘Kiss and Fly’) has more of a negative environmental impact when compared with pre-booking airport parking. Resulting in twice as many car journeys and more vehicle congestion around the airport, there are also other ‘hidden costs’ with ‘Kiss and Fly’ including the time and money spent by family members or friends. Pre-booking airport parking through companies such as APH can be one of the most environmental-friendly and affordable methods of traveling to the airport ensuring a minimum number of journeys and less time spent on the road. 

APH has also worked closely with conservation charity World Land Trust (WLT) for many years to off-set its carbon emissions and actively reduce its carbon footprint. APH will continue its support for 2022 through a range of projects including rainforest conservation around the world. 

 Pre-booking airport parking as early as possible is an easy way to reduce travel costs and is one of the most affordable ways of traveling to the airport. Book early, especially in these post COVID times – operators have been uncertain about this year, so prices are generally lower further out, but have been increasing rapidly toward departure dates, especially at peak times. 

One week’s park and ride airport parking at Gatwick Airport for travel earlier this year was on sale for around £60 ($78), but when booked just one day in advance, it increased to £114 ($150) – almost double the price. Most airport parking operators also offer flexible packages to allow customers to change their booking if needed, so booking early not only avoids those increasing costs but also gives travelers peace of mind around getting to the airport.

APH also conducted a series of vox pop interviews with APH customers traveling through the Gatwick and Manchester car parks, which may be of interest. To download the videos, please visit www.aph.com/manchester and www.aph.com/customersvideo. 

Nick Caunter, Managing Director of Airport Parking and Hotels, nick@aph.com

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