Ace Parking Taps ControlScan for IT Security and Compliance


Ace Parking Taps ControlScan for IT Security and Compliance

 ControlScan, a managed security service provider, is helping Ace Parking Management standardize its network security infrastructure across the hundreds of locations it directly operates.

The largest privately-held parking company in the country, Ace Parking reached out to ControlScan for a holistic solution to its IT security and PCI compliance needs.
“Multi-location business environments, especially those with multiple technology vendors, present a unique challenge when it comes to security and compliance,” said Steve Robb, Senior VP of Security Marketing and Product Strategy at ControlScan. “Ace Parking is taking a solid, forward-thinking approach to these challenges, standardizing its infrastructure and processes for maximized productivity, visibility and control as it expands.”
“Our relationship with ControlScan gives us the tools and expertise we need to ensure a strong security posture and continuous compliance across the Ace Parking system,” said its CIO, Jon Gjerset. “Future Ace customers will also benefit from the speed with which we convert their site to our secure, compliant infrastructure.”
Ace Parking is working with ControlScan to deploy managed security solutions for unified threat management, security log monitoring and management, file integrity monitoring and more. To learn about its unified security and compliance solutions, visit 
[Source: ControlScan]
Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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