Admission is the Price of Admission


Admission is the Price of Admission

Never in my life would I have thought that I would see what is happening today in our society. I’m not stupid enough to take sides or validate the ideocracy of our times. I simply want us to take a breath and refocus on where we go from here. Being unwilling to speak truth and not countering illogical speak is a neutering I’m not willing to accept. When crazy is normalized, then truth becomes unrecognizable, and we become a society of cowards who secretly have vile and hateful internal thoughts. 

We need to learn to see things differently, step aside
and take a back seat.

Rather than normalize behavior that is counter to logic, we need to as a society, love the person behind the abnormal behavior (because we are called to do that and it’s the right thing to do) all the while, not pretending that their behavior is normal or logical. Listen, I’m first to admit that I am anything but normal and my behavior is quite often questionable. But I’m not asking anyone to normalize my failures and shortcomings. 

Can you imagine if I were to truly believe that the earth orbits around the moon and as a society, rather than confronting me to tell me the truth that it actually orbits the sun, despite all evidence and science disproving my theory, we instead go about teaching the Jeff Pinyot Earth Orbital Thesis to all High School students across the nation. We are unwilling to speak truth anymore, it’s utterly pitiful. It’s time we man and woman up and begin to speak truth, even if it hurts someone. 

For those confused as to the definition of a woman, just ask your mom or grandmother, she will tell you. It’s something unimaginably difficult to be, that most men could not handle. Saying nonsense over and over again is more akin to insanity than truth. The NEA is considering replacing the word “Mother” with “Birthing Parent” under the guise of inclusivity. Well, let me tell you, as the father of two adoptive children, their mother, my wife, would now be out of the picture under this new language and replaced by the two wonderful women who chose to not end the life of their babies and place them for adoption into our home so many years ago. 

They are the true “Birthing Parents,” not my wife, I’m not even the sperm donor. So, my wife is now out of the picture and replaced by two women who haven’t seen their babies in a collective 52 years. There are millions of families in our country where a child calls a woman “Mom” in the case where “Mom” wasn’t the “Birthing Parent” (135,000 adoptions per year). That statement is consistent within straight and gay marriages. In fact, within gay marriages, the family is three times more likely to adopt than in straight marriages. This inclusive effort to rename “Mom” wasn’t so well thought out, it’s kind of Not Inclusive. Sort of makes you worry about who’s the captain of our education ship. 

“Admission is the price of Admission” is a statement that has depth. Before we can be accepted or admitted into any event, club, culture, society, etc., we pay an admission fee, in money. Also, before we can get anywhere deep in our relationships, jobs, and friendships, we have a different admission fee, the truth. We need to admit who and what we really are. If we have shortcomings, we expose them. If we have guilt, we admit it. We clean our conscience and pay the price no matter how hard or costly it can be. In order to go deep, you have to release. In the wake of yet another shooting, this time in Highland Park, Illinois, where would we be if the father would have had done the hard work of confronting his son and getting him the mental health help that he needed rather than once again, just stepping aside, hoping the problem will go away. Quit pretending. Be willing to piss off some people. Sometimes lives depend on it.

I’m sure it’s no surprise to my readers, I happen to not believe in the Big Bang as the start of mankind. I find it takes more faith to believe in that than in creation, and there is no time to discuss it here, but don’t label me because of it and I won’t label you for believing differently than me. I’m perfectly fine if you take a different position on this than I do, I might even enjoy sitting over a cup of coffee discussing it with you with civility. 

So, therefore, the manufacturer I refer to is God. God gets to label me, and He said after creating me (and you), “That it is good.” No words needed beyond that, “It is good.” He was happy with what He created. Odd people, Smart people, Fat people, Skinny people, Tall people, Men, Women, Straight, Gay, Trans, Republicans, and Democrats. As for people, “It is good.” That is the only label we need. We don’t need to normalize; we need to love. 

When we look at the way we live our lives today, it’s all about elevating ourselves. We are “Me Monsters.” We look to “Climb the corporate ladder.” We look to “Get ahead”. We look to “Finish on top.” What our society needs in order to heal itself is to take the focus off of ourselves and put it on how we can be less so that others can be more. Think of how satisfying it can be to see someone you trained successfully take over a portion of your work and do it as well or even better than you did. We will be a better society the more we determine to be less. The least shall finish first. It’s high time we change from Elevation of ourselves to Evolution of thought. We need to learn to see things differently, step aside and take a back seat. We need to do Reverse Thinking. We have things backwards.

Clark Kent becomes Superman when he enters a phone booth and changes from a businessman into a superhero. We have always believed that Clark Kent’s alter ego is Superman. It’s time we change our thinking to this; Superman’s alter ego is actually Clark Kent. Why don’t we live and stay in the character of our strengths rather than our weaknesses? From here on out, I choose to be defined by my strengths and not by my weaknesses. I choose to shed labels and begin to see through them to the inner beauty that we were all created to be. 

As a society, we are spending too much time relabeling people, whether it’s Mom to Birthing Parent or whatever. Bottom line, I’ve firsthand seen what it takes to be a mother and only a small portion of the qualifications is who the baby comes out of. A mother is one who cries with and for her children. A mother strokes the face of her sick child through the night whether she birthed the child or not. A mother would step in and die for her child. A mother loves first and never stops loving. Before we assign a new label to ourselves or to others, let’s bathe it in truth and see if it floats. It’s time to separate the Lemons from the Limes. Lemons Float – Limes Sink!

Jeff Pinyot is the CEO of EcoParking Technologies. He can be reached at


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