Arizona State Structure Glows With Special Architectural Features


Arizona State Structure Glows With Special Architectural Features

A new parking structure at Arizona State University in Tempe exemplifies the aesthetics and practicality of Cambridge Architectural’s diverse product line, which offers innovative combinations of engineered tension attachment hardware and metal fabric.
Completed in June 2005, it features balance and stripe metal-fabric patterns mounted with specially engineered scroll, eclipse and J-hook attachment hardware. Invisible from outside the structure, the hardware was designed to keep an aesthetic focus on the metal fabric and requires far fewer structurally embedded supports than its heavier, panelized alternatives.
Cambridge’s large-scale, flexible, open, metal-fabric patterns let daylight and fresh air pass through parking structures, reducing the need for costly HVAC and exhaust systems. Its metal fabrics are fabricated in lengths up to 200 feet, which allows for more efficient installation. The metal fabric used in this project meets all protection requirements and, when used with crash barriers, eliminates the added cost of handrails.
Dick & Fritsche Design Group designed the new parking structure to stand out from other garages on campus, employing light-gauge Cambridge screen panels on the south and west sides of the structure to create the appearance of a grid. The galvanized framing and tensioned metal-fabric panels break up the boxy mass of the 400-by-75-foot concrete building.
Balance and stripe metal-fabric patterns shade vehicles and pedestrians by day, while permitting security personnel a view into all levels of the structure at night. Scroll attachment hardware grips the metal fabric and holds it in tension. Quarter-wrapped brackets attach to the structural supports to hide the hardware.
Eclipse hardware provides tailored edges for expanses of flexible metal fabric in tension. The metal fabric fits into custom-cut apertures in tubing that integrates into brackets and structural supports. Both eclipse and scroll are appropriate for lengths of metal fabric held in tension up to 100 feet.
J-hook hardware attaches metal fabric to structural supports. The clearly articulated connection requires a rod that is threaded through the mesh at top and bottom edges. J-hook is appropriate for lengths of metal fabric held in tension up to 20 feet.
The vendor provided staff to supervise the installation on-site. Aesthetic and functional applications include sunshade systems, parking structure and stairwell envelopes, space dividers, window treatments, curtain walls and custom applications- each offering various attachment systems to provide support for architectural specification and installation.

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Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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