Asphalt Anchors Ice the “Donuts’


Asphalt Anchors Ice the “Donuts’

 Amid the seasonal and oftentimes balmy temperatures in the Sacramento area, there’s one location where visitors can always get a taste of winter. 
Established in 1997, Skatetown in neighboring Rosedale, CA, is a premier, state-of-the-art ice arena, where guests can lace up their skates and glide around a perfectly manicured rink; play hockey, broomball or curling games; or just relax and watch as others enjoy the wintry sports. 
Snowball fights in June? Yep. The indoor arena actually has snow falling from the ceiling!
A more recent addition to the Skatetown venue is an outdoor skating rink as well, perfect for those winter holidays.
Owner Scott Slavensky said that what makes Skatetown the perfect family facility is his commitment to safety over everything else.
While staff do everything they can to ensure the fun and safety of all guests, the arena’s large parking lot is a bit more challenging. 
Slavensky said that, during downtime at the arena, when the parking lot is partly empty, people often race their cars and “do donuts” – when motorists drive fast, hit the brakes and spin their vehicles around in a circle. 
This is a dangerous problem when there are hockey players doing “dryland drills” and children and families moving to and from their cars in the parking lot.
About four years ago, Slavensky installed several speed bumps, but when parking spaces are empty, the racers drive around the bumps, creating an entirely new safety issue.
Because they proved successful in at least slowing down motorists during busy times, Slavensky decided to install additional bumps next to the existing ones. 
The rubberized removable speed bumps are secured to the surface using specially designed “asphalt anchors,” manufactured by the Asphalt Anchors Group (AAG) of Designated Parking Corp. 
Created especially for mounting to roadways, the speed bumps are sturdy, robust and proven to serve their purpose for a long time to come.
“Using the AAG asphalt anchors makes installation fast and easy, and we can remove the bumps if we want to,” Slavensky said. 
The BoltHold Asphalt Anchors bond directly to the asphalt by using a specially formulated grout, the company says – keeping the integrity of the driveway intact, while tenaciously keeping the bumps in place even after years of vehicular traffic.
Skatetown will install its new speed bumps as soon as the high season ends in early spring. Slavensky remarked that the AAG asphalt anchors were “easy to install, fairly priced, and a quality product. 
“Speaking from the experience offered last time, they were our clear choice,” he said. 
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Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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