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Big News, Little News

Melissa Bean Sterzick


The Bellingham Herald


Beloved Whatcom County Nature Reserve Will Soon Get a Paved Parking Area


Whatcom County, Washington’s Stimpson Family Nature Reserve, east of Bellingham, will have increased and improved parking for its visitors in 2024. Budget issues delayed the plan which was meant to be carried out this year. Reports are that the park’s guest leave their cars willy-nilly all over the current gravel lot. Confusion abounds and the popular nature reserve deserves better. 


Hungry Horse News


City takes look at diagonal parking on Fifth


The city of Columbia Falls, Montana, put in diagonal parking on its Fifth Street in order to gain several parking spaces, and residents are worried this has made the street too narrow for two cars to pass each other near Nucleus Avenue. The Hungry Horse News addresses the subject in a way only a very local news provider could: thoroughly, and with respect. The city manager reassures motorists there is plenty of room, even when there are large pick-up trucks parking diagonally. The police even staged a demonstration with one of its trucks and the article reported the success of that demonstration. Everyone feels much better now.


American Airlines plane hits pickup truck while being towed for parking at Boston airport


No injuries were reported after an American Airlines plane on its way to overnight parking hit an unoccupied pickup truck on the tarmac at Boston Logan International Airport. The truck and the plane’s engine were damaged. The plane was taken out of service for inspection and repairs. Airplane parking isn’t one of our normal subjects, but this collision between plane parking and vehicle parking was too unusual to pass up.


Bridgeport parking dispute ends with two people wielding machetes, police say


It’s official, if I see the word “machete” in a headline, I read that article, especially if it also says “parking lot.” In Bridgeport, Conn., a dispute over a vehicle blocking a driveway ended with two people swinging machetes. The article describes an initial confrontation that included a machete and broom – not a fair fight, obviously, but then one of the individuals involved dropped the broom and retrieved a machete from her car and the incident escalated substantially. I don’t know why people have so many machetes. I get a little mad when people block my driveway. I have a pick axe in my garage, plus saws, rakes, hoes and shovels, and a ShopVac, but no machetes, so I might be able to defend my driveway, if the situation called for it. Both machete-wielders face various dangerous weapon, assault, breach of peace and reckless endangerment charges.


Python found parked outside Walmart in South Carolina and jokes erupt on social media 


Police in Pickens, S.C say they don’t mind being called out for snake removal. “We’re not mad, some of us like the opportunity to catch a snake,” they say. “But this ball python found in Walmart parking lot is not a native snake. If you lost or misplaced your python, let us know.” After the snake was taken into “protective custody,” other witty commentary included: “Everyone needs to behave tonight or you might be sharing a cell with a python.” And one I can relate to for a variety of reasons: “May never go to Walmart again.” Who says parking can’t be hilarious?


Victoria Beckham Recalls Meeting David Beckham in Parking Lots to Hide Their Romance Early On


Years ago, when the star soccer player and Spice Girl singer were falling in love, they used to meet in parking garages to keep their relationship secret. David and Victoria Beckham didn’t want the press to know they were dating, and “carparks” were their best idea for staying anonymous. Just another story that shows how amazing parking is – superstars use it to maintain their privacy. I think they ought to share the names of those parking structures so the owners can benefit from the Beckham’s cache.


Journal-News, Butler County


Badin High School seniors painted parking lot spaces, 2023-2024


Fairfield High School painted parking lot spaces, 2023-2024


High school seniors in Butler County, Ohio, carried out a long-held tradition of personalizing their campus parking spots and the Journal-News offered a photo book of every single one. Stripes and flowers, flags and cartoon characters, a giant hot dog collaboration spanning three parking spots, and favorite song lyrics are just some of the subject matter. My high school let us do the same thing 100 years ago and it warmed my heart to see this still happening. The news coverage made me even happier. Go Seniors!

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Melissa Bean Sterzick, Parking Today Contributor
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