Building a True Team Culture at DESIGNA


Building a True Team Culture at DESIGNA

Steve Gorski


DESIGNA USA is a team of professionals who collabo-rate, share experiences and knowledge, and genuinely respect and care about each other. It is a true team culture.

A successful team culture is the result of strong team leadership.

Steve Gorski has been the CEO of DESIGNA U.S.A. for three and a half years. His empowering and team-focused leadership style has built a professional, respectful, supportive, and upbeat team culture where employees recognize and inspire each other. 

“We have a strong leadership team at DESIGNA,” says Gorski. “Ongoing recognition and professional development are managed at all levels in the company.” 

Clients gain the benefit of the team’s experience. “DESIGNA’s goal is to be a value-added consultative partner to its clients,” states Gorski. “We work with clients as a team to develop a fully customized parking management system that meets each organization’s unique requirements.”

Customer-facing CEO who focuses on customer success.

When it comes to customer support, Gorski is a hands-on CEO who acknowledges a personal responsibility to ensure client success. “Being a true partner with our clients means listening to them and helping to ensure their success,” says Gorski. “Our client partnerships have made us passionate about our commitment to new and emerging technology and staying ahead of the market.”

DESIGNA clients get face time with the CEO. This is something that truly sets Gorski apart from other CEOs. “Many CEOs focus on business operations,” says Gorski. “But let’s face it, our customers are our business.”

True, DESIGNA is part of a global corporation with a Billion+ (Euro) dollars in annual sales and over 70 years in the industry, but its customers often get to know Gorski along with his team.

Positive attitude starts
at the top.

Gorski believes in the power of a positive attitude. His energetic, upbeat, encouraging style inspires the rest of the team.Beyond collaborating in their work, fun and energizing team activities
are important to keep a team culture strong.” 

The team has frequent after-hours events and activities, including trips to baseball games and even an after-work exercise program with a personal trainer. Several months ago, Gorski flew the entire U.S. team from across the country to Nashville. There, teams were created to work with professional songwriters to write and record DESIGNA songs. It was a positive, team-building experience for all. 

Work-life balance starts
at the top.

Another of Gorski’s defining traits is that he enjoys a full and rewarding personal life outside of work, and he encourages his team to enjoy their personal time. This requires added flexibility and trust, but Gorski believes it’s important to respect family and friends’ time. “Dolly Parton famously said, ‘Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life,’ and that is an important message to think about daily.”

When not working, Steve enjoys traveling, wine, photography, cycling and spending time with friends and family, both two and four-legged. //

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