Card Payments De-mystified


Card Payments De-mystified

Despite card and phone payments becoming ubiquitous nowadays, most parking professionals will confess to gaps in their knowledge of payments. 

Many municipal and private parking operators rely on a single vendor to procure many elements of the payment process. This can mean unnecessarily high charges, less than optimal service and support, and short service life before obsolescence. 

To counter these pitfalls, we offer a concise, yet wide-ranging presentation and discussion at PIE 2023 on card and cashless payments for the parking industry, including yet not limited to the following:

• An explanation of the elements of card payments and the difference between self-service, retail card present and mobile acceptance and the situations where each would be employed.

• De-mystifying the types of payments – EMV contact and contactless, PIN debit, MSD, magstripe, and what you need to accept them.

• The role of the vendors commonly involved in payments and merchant facilities. What are gateways, processors, ISOs and PayFacs, and which ones do you need for your parking operations?

• Card readers and other devices – the differences and options and what integration means.

• End-to-End encryption for security, and PCI Point-to-Point encryption. What are the differences and when and why does it matter?

• As a public or private parking operator, some probing questions you should ask your vendors to ensure you’re getting the best deal and a solution that will last.

• After going through the above, we invite questions from the audience to maximize the benefit to delegates.

Pete Alcock, Head of Product Marketing. He can be reached at 

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