Citywide Modernization Without Disruption


Citywide Modernization Without Disruption

The entire parking system across the city of Cergy Pontoise in France has been modernized without any disruption to customers.

The international parking company Orbility was selected by city parking operator EFFIA to equip its new parking management system throughout Cergy Pontoise, 30 km north of Paris, France, as part of a modernization project, in autumn 2019. The project will upgrade an existing Orbility system which had been in place for a decade. 

The city is home to a university and has a busy train station, metro links and buses.

The system, across 20 car parks, a mixture of garages and parking lots, featured 105 separate pieces of equipment – including 32 entry lanes, 33 exit lanes, 20 pay-on-foot stations, seven intermediate terminals and 13 pedestrian readers.

Stéphane Prudhomme, Project Director at Orbility, said: “The challenge was to switch from the old to new system in fewer than three months, with no disruption to customers, and using the entire city’s parking options throughout the upgrade.”

A commuter hub, the city is home to a university and has a busy train station, metro links and buses.

Orbility brought added value and features to this upgrade with its Codex product range, selected for simplicity of installation and speed of operation, combined with Multipark Web parking management system.

This technology encompasses license plate reading, contactless credit card payment, a centralized server and centralized system monitoring, plus ParkAccess using web technology. All the sites have a dedicated bicycle parking area which is accessible by using Navigo, the local public transportation card. It may be possible to use the transportation card as a subscription card for monthly parking customers.

Finally, the equipment was customized with specific colors to provide enhanced clarity for users on arrival, throughout the payment process, and subsequent departure.

Emmanuel Savre, Regional Director, EFFIA Paris Area, added: “The city of Cergy Pontoise is a hub for public transportation and parking in the north of Paris. Tens of thousands of people use our car parks each day to catch their train or metro. Orbility delivered the project on time and to budget, and met our expectations.” 

With almost 50 years of experience, and after operating under various well-known flags, Orbility has become a leader in innovative Parking Management Systems. Whatever the size and scope of the project, Orbility can ensure installation is delivered on time and at budget. 

Orbility supplies a diverse range of customers around the world, airports, shopping centers, municipalities, hotels, public and private operators. From the busiest airports and large hospitals through to smaller, local off-street parking, Orbility tailors the solution for each customer.


Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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