Creating a Top Tier Travel Experience with WallyPark


Creating a Top Tier Travel Experience with WallyPark

As a provider of off-airport parking, WallyPark operates over a hundred lanes at ten locations across eight different markets and six states in the U.S. With every transaction, the WallyPark team strives to make every traveler’s day a little easier through a parking experience that is blissfully forgettable.

According to President of Operations for L & R Group of Companies Charles Bassett, “it starts with company culture, so the interaction we have with each guest is just creating that experience again.” Living up to their slogan, “where great trips begin and end,” WallyPark knows they have to get it right on every front. 

Meeting Modern Consumer Demand

“As part of the travel business, we want to make sure that the product that
we have and the services we offer
are on par with what travelers expect,” says Bassett.

Whether drivers are on-the-move for business or taking the family on a long overdue vacation, parking is not the place they want to spend unnecessary time and energy. From ticketing to check in, the rest of the airport travel experience is expected to be digital-enabled, mobile-first, priced dynamically, and updated in real time. That’s why WallyPark roots the airport parking experience in technology that’s flexible, reliable, and user-friendly.

“We’ve always used technology as a mechanism to enhance our service offerings to customers,” says Bassett. Revenue control systems have been a routine part of the business for decades, but today’s consumer demands more than a rickety ticket spitter. The more the right technology can be implemented to – yes, get a ticket and have a gate go up, but also to go above and beyond with mobile payments and digital technology – the better.” The right technology solution for WallyPark provided a single system that does all of that – from the basics of parking to the new world of mobility.

Why High-Tech Parking Wins

Bassett says, “a parking garage is a parking garage; if we don’t have something that truly makes us different from the competition, then we’re like everyone else.”

Bassett credits cloud-born hardware and software as being instrumental in bringing WallyPark’s goals to reality. “Our relationship with FLASH has been great,” says Bassett. “We implemented the system in 2020 – perfect timing in the midst of COVID,” he notes, “and it allowed us to change our mode of operating to become more efficient, less dependent upon labor and to leverage integrations, and so forth.”

Key parts of the technology transition have included making transactions seamless and contactless, especially in the face of pandemic concerns. “There’s a new expectation of contactless parking, ease of use, and we are capitalizing on technology to kind of create that seamless experience,” Bassett reports. 

WallyPark has achieved a modern, seamless, and contactless parking experience for guests by implementing specific technologies including digital reservations, license plate recognition (LPR) systems, loyalty programs, mobile app management, a monthly parking portal, and API integrations with third-party platforms.

With the revolutionary Hardware-as-a-Service model from FLASH, WallyPark was able to maximize the benefits of new technology without the expensive initial outlay that typically comes along with that nature of investment. Plus, Bassett’s confidence that a cloud-born solution will be able to scale over time made FLASH the clear smart choice for tackling what’s next in the industry.

How to Recreate the WallyPark Effect

To see success similar to what the team at WallyPark has seen since the pandemic disrupted the industry, there are three key technology and strategy pieces: digital access, driving demand, and digging deeper.

Digital access means implementing capabilities like Bluetooth or LPR to take away the traditional hassle of pulling a ticket for more tech-savvy customers. Of course, in markets with a diverse set of users – like an airport – it is never a bad idea to offer both old- and new-fashioned ways of doing things.

Driving demand is the next piece of the puzzle. With so many choices at their fingertips today, consumers won’t just come to you. The modern parking operation has to consciously drive demand with visibility on key apps, search engines, and more. Plus, offering loyalty programs, traditional advertising, and great signage can also help drive traffic to your lot.

Digging deeper into who your customers are and what they want is at the core of every great business. In the new dynamic parking market, understanding the consumer base, what they want, and how much they are willing to pay for it is critical. From real-time data and reporting to just asking, listening, and looking around – your customers are the key to getting ahead in parking in the world ahead of us.

Where Next for WallyPark?

WallyPark’s top priority moving forward in 2022 is “occupancy: to continue to build the business back to pre-COVID 19 levels,” explains Bassett, “and to do that by leveraging technology and platforms that allow for us to have product offerings that are of value to the traveler.”

With the FLASH operating system, WallyPark has been able to leverage cloud-based connectivity, adaptable hardware, and consumer demand drivers to create a future-ready business model. When asked what he thinks is next for the industry, Basset responded: “I am excited to see where technology takes us in the future of this industry.”

Nicole Wylie, FLASH›s VP of Customer Success, can be reached

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