Drive Business and Engagement With Social Media


Drive Business and Engagement With Social Media

It’s 2017. One in three minutes spent online is devoted to some form of social media activity. But it’s not just about staying in touch with friends and family anymore.

Social has turned into a research tool for consumers to learn about products and services. It’s an engagement instrument that allows customers to share feedback and businesses to find out what their target market wants. It’s a way for organizations to share news and important information quickly. 

The conversation today has moved beyond if you should be on social media for your business or organization to how to be most effective with it. Just knowing the basics of what social media is and which platform to use won’t cut it anymore. Not with the 7,452 tweets or the 48,830 Facebook status updates per second inundating social feeds. 

With the deluge of content shared on social networks every minute of every day, your posts, blogs, shares and comments won’t be seen if you aren’t doing social right. Don’t waste your time using last year’s marketing tactics.

Instead, at 2017 PIE, stop by the Social Media and Parking session to learn how you can use social to drive more business and engagement for your company or organization.

During this session, we will discuss the latest trends impacting the social landscape and how you can cut through the content clutter. With the simple addition of video content, paid ads and influencer marketing, you can dramatically increase your organization’s reach at the price that is right for you.

Discover how to integrate your sales team into the social process and take advantage of the benefits of social selling. Find out about tools that will help you manage your social activities to save you time and money.

Review with us how parking industry companies and organizations are using social successfully, and how you can too. And if fear of a negative backlash is holding you back from jumping into the social media foray, discover strategies on how to deal with customer complaints, emergency situations and other social media risks.

Just so one thing is clear: Social isn’t optional, and neither should be attending this session.

Kathleen Laney, President and Executive Search Consultant at Laney Solutions, is a Contributing Writer for Parking Today. Contact her at

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