ECO Parking Technologies ……


ECO Parking Technologies ……

Long focused on energy and sustainable solutions, ECO Parking Technologies has evolved into one of the parking industries leading technology innovators. Before LED lighting became mainstream in parking, ECO championed Induction lighting and led the way in relighting parking structures across the nation. 

Never accepting the status quo, ECO then led the way into the LED lighting revolution with their award-winning ECO FlexTech fixture long considered the Cadillac of the industry. 

As a strategic partner of the parking industry, serving parking operators, municipalities, P3s, universities, and others, ECO was called on by industry leaders to create an affordable, high quality answer to the high cost of the legacy, wired parking guidance systems. 

ECO was up to the challenge. Considering that every garage needs lighting and lighting requires power, it only seemed logical to include the PGS into their already amazing LED lighting product. 

To further the savings, now that the system was virtually “Factory Installed”, ECO determined to not only be the first to offer a camera based PGS integrated into a light fixture, but make it wireless between fixtures. By incorporating it into a light fixture, further, ECO also concluded to make it a complete schedulable lighting control system. 

What resulted from their efforts is the ECO Falcon Vision. The world’s first and only PGS that is in a light fixture, is state of the art wireless, and is a lighting control system. ECO’s first commercial project was an 1,850-space garage for the California State University in Sacramento. 

Operating for over two years now, Tony Lucas of “Sac State” said it best when recently asked about the system. Tony said, “The system works flawlessly. It just works!” Not bad for the first out of the box. 

The best way to determine if a system works is whether a client will purchase a second system or more.  One of ECO’s clients is now doing six projects totaling nearly 8,500 spaces with the Falcon Vision Integrated PGS. ECO calls this category of lighting and PGS, “Concierge Lighting”.  

Municipalities and other garage owners are flocking to Falcon. After reading an article in Parking Today magazine entitled “Parking Guidance in a New Light”, Scott Fox, Director of Parking at the University of Florida, contacted the General Contractor on his new 2,000-space parking garage, PS14, that was just starting to come out of the ground, and asked them about the ECO center run lighting and the Falcon Vision PGS. 

Not currently considering a space by space PGS system for their garage, but curious as to how the Falcon Vision would price out, Scott requested that the GC secure a price for the ECO system. 

The exercise included comparing costs of a traditional two light fixtures per bay installation vs the ECO Type II Center Run fixture where you just need one down the center. The savings realized from installing a single Type II Center Run fixture in lieu of two fixtures is the result of using 40 percent less fixtures and thusly, 40 less installation costs. The savings can be substantial and can be applied towards the PGS (Falcon Vision) upgrade. 

Fox wasn’t the only leery one on using a center run fixture. Don Sturiale of Hank Lowry Electric, the Electrical Contractor on the project, wanted to see for himself how the lighting performed, as well as the Falcon Vision. 

A five-hour flight from Orlando to Sacramento answered the questions for him. After seeing the performance in person at Sac State, Don gave his blessing to the solution indicating that it was one of the best lit garages he had ever seen and was shocked at the even light distribution and effectiveness of the light fixture. 

He loved the lighting control system where an entire ramp could come up in light levels on motion rather than one light fixture at a time. He also commented on how elegant the Falcon Vison was and how the solution doesn’t take over the garage with clumsy open tray wiring or conduit hanging by all-thread throughout the garage and below the structural T’s, begging for problems and chin-up competitions. 

Parking Structure #14 at the University of Florida is up and running and waiting for the students and faculty to return to campus. 

Wireless parking guidance systems are the future of our industry. Wireless is proven as a stable, secure, and safe medium for data transmission. ECO is proud to be the leader in the latest technology in parking guidance solutions. 

ECO Falcon Vision……Guiding Parking’s Future!

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Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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