Everywhere & Nowhere – Customer Experience Delivered in the Real World


Everywhere & Nowhere – Customer Experience Delivered in the Real World

Technology and the digital transformation of parking is transforming the customer experience, and at the same time, leaving parking operators with difficult decisions. With the ever-increasing preference for mobile functionality and a “touchless” journey, it is important to consider which tech will work best for your customers, and choose a system that is designed with them in mind. The idea is for your full parking tech stack to work together to satisfy the greatest number of people.

However, with the rise of technological advancement, the gap between humans’ ability to adapt to new and changing technologies is ever increasing. When the technology works well, many people would prefer this to be an entirely automated process. However, when someone encounters an issue while using technology, they expect help instantly. This is why operators are challenged to deliver customer service that is “everywhere and nowhere” all at once, and why building in human “safety nets” is so crucial.

The Customer Experience is an essential component to any parking organization’s success. As parking creates the first and last experience for most everyone in a city, on a campus, at an airport or in a hospital, the parking professional is relied upon to provide a level of service, under a withering spotlight of social media, on a daily basis.

In this session, Brandy Stanley, Parking Services Manager for City of Las Vegas, and Brian Wolff, President & CEO of Parker Technology, will team up to provide the big picture implications of why attaining this CX balance is so important, while weaving in real-life parking examples and best practices for applying this to your parking organization.

Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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