Giving Back is a Game Changer for FTPA


Giving Back is a Game Changer for FTPA

The parking industry has a sort of “bad reputation.” Every time I talk about belonging to the Florida Parking Association, I get “the look” of someone imagining us trying to fine as many people as possible for 5-minute stays! 

As members of the FTPA, we understand the reasons for that perception, so we decided to reshape how we relate to the community.  We know that industry and people are part of a bigger social dynamic worth cultivating.

We decided to give back.

Last year, we organized a charity fundraising for “Harry Chapin Food Bank,” the largest hunger-relief non-profit in SW Florida and a a member of “Feeding America,” an organization that feeds nearly 250,000 people every month with the collaboration of 4,366 registered volunteers. They used to purchase $40,000 of food per month before COVID and now their monthly average is at $1 million.

This year we decided to give back in another way: time.

In today’s fast-paced society, time is undeniably our most precious asset. When we align ourselves with an association, we commit to a shared mission using our most valuable personal assets as currency: focus, actions, love … and time. 

We love picturing ourselves as a diverse group of corporate officers stopping their busy schedules and investing their time for the betterment of the community. 

So, on May 16, we put together a team of 11 to serve at Harry Chapin Food bank in Fort Myers for three hours, packing 4,389 pounds of fresh vegetables for families and seniors. We had a great time, singing all together and sharing our energy for a great cause.

Activities like this make us remember who we really are and what matters the most: helping each other thrive. Also, I have to say that I’ve found the sole exercise of reshaping my professional life to fit into these kinds of activities very therapeutic.

“Participation – that’s what’s gonna save the human race.” 

Pete Seeger (thanks Astrid, for the quote)

We definitely want more of these experiences in the FTPA that bring good to the people. In December we will host our annual conference in Fort Myers. As an association willing to give back, we look forward to helping the city economy that suffered a hurricane and needs rebuilding. See you all there!

Parking can help; we can help; the best gift is time.

Laura Caillot is General Manager, Survision. She can be reached at 

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